With no family or friends, Momoga finds his escape through online gaming. When the role-playing game he’s spent 12 years in finally shuts down for good, he wants to stay logged on until the last second. Momoga falls asleep as he waits for the game to go offline, but when he wakes again he finds himself trapped in the fantasy world as his avatar — a powerful skeleton wizard in an uncertain and potentially hostile world.

Classroom Crisis

Classroom Crisis follows the lives of several young high school students in the Martian colony Tokyo 4 as they struggle to earn a salary working for the advanced technology department of a multibillion dollar corporation.


Gangsta promises a gritty adventure following a pair of hired assassins who straddle a thin line between crooked cops and powerful crime lords. While the hitmen insist on neutrality and claim to live for cash, they quickly display a propensity for making emotional decisions which might have dire ramifications for the duo.

Show by Rock!!

Show by Rock is a musical adventure sporting everything from simple pop concerts to blasting away monsters from alternate realities through the mighty power of guitar shredding. The surreal story follows a young girl and her newly formed bad as they struggle to gain notoriety and become the best gig in town.


Punchline is so intentionally ridiculous that it’s impossible to take a second of it seriously. When the show is trying to set up any kind of story or plotline, we find ourselves just waiting for the next terrible pun or slapstick gag. This makes for some fantastic moments that will have you feeling like an imbecile for laughing so hard at something so idiotic.

Sound! Euphonium

Every band nerd’s dream anime has finally been born in the form of Sound! Euphonium. This series follows a handful of young high schoolers as they’re introduced to big-band concert playing and their passion for music flowers. Sound is a coming-of-age story sure to be nostalgic for anyone with an instrumental background, while the fantastic scores might inspire the less musically inclined to give it a whirl.


Etotama is the insane and wickedly cute acid trip you never knew you wanted to be on until it was over. From the very beginning, this anime grabs you by the hand and leads you down the rabbit hole of its self-deprecating imagination.

My Love Story!!

My Love Story has already firmly planted a flag claiming its territory among a market saturated with droll slice of life teen romances. It’s far from perfect in almost every facet you can judge, yet it somehow manages to pull together into an impressively endearing tale just in time to stoke a little spring fever.

Wish Upon the Pleiades

Wish Upon the Pleiades might not have been on everyone’s radar this season, but the prospect of a well-drawn “magical girl” series promising astronomy geekery has generated solid interest over the course of the first few episodes.