On Hiatus!

BA currently does not have enough staff to operate to the standards of the website. We discussed various solutions, but most of them entail taking on fewer series to lessen the workload of the writers. This would drastically undermine the purpose for the website: helping people find the series most worthy of their time each season. We can’t do that if we’re only covering half the the emerging animations, so we felt it was better to put things on hold rather than deliver an inferior product.

If you or someone you know would be interested in working on this sort of project, we’re currently in need of 8-12 people with a critical eye, a talent with words, and high standards for anime. If this sounds like you, feel free to message us on twitter with @betteranime or email us at betteranime@gmail.com. Please note that this site is not monetized and all the work we do is out of love ❤

We hope you have enjoyed the site so far and that we can get back to participating in the anime community soon.

Best wishes,

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