Classroom Crisis

Classroom Crisis follows the lives of several young high school students in the Martian colony Tokyo 4 as they struggle to earn a salary working for the advanced technology department of a multibillion dollar corporation.


Gangsta promises a gritty adventure following a pair of hired assassins who straddle a thin line between crooked cops and powerful crime lords. While the hitmen insist on neutrality and claim to live for cash, they quickly display a propensity for making emotional decisions which might have dire ramifications for the duo.


Spring gave anime fans a bounty of titles to look forward to, featuring series with longer pasts than a huge chunk of the viewerbase. Powerhouses like Ghost in the Shell, the Fate series, and a Haruhi spin-off landed along many lesser-known (but now just as loved) stories. Yet no matter how great they used to be, some veteran series found themselves being overshadowed by the rookies.

Ninja Slayer

In the cyberpunk city of Neo Saitama, Kenji Fujikido has suffered the murder of his wife and child during a brutal ninja turf war. Possessed by the bloodthirsty ninja soul named Naraku, Kenji finds himself surrendering control to Naraku in his thirst for vengeance. Together they become the Ninja Slayer.

Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories is poised to steal the hearts of even the most robotic of us if it plays its cards right. So far it’s done just that. The series offers a fresh (and possibly prophetic) glimpse at the ever-narrowing boundary between natural and artificially created life.

Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture

Fans of the Ghost in the Shell franchise will be ecstatic to see this light-speed reimagining of the Arise storyline. Written and directly by the same people who made the original four Arise videos, the new anime plunges veterans into the Ghost world with remorseless speed and intensity. For everyone else, there aren’t enough drugs in the world to figure out what’s going on.